Version 1.1 submitted

Version 1.1 submitted to the App Store!

Among other changes, it includes:

Instantly know what category any formula belongs to.
Updated database and improved search algorism.
Solved an issue with the “Search By Name” button.
Feedback emails now include a unique identifier for easier tracking.

Thanks a lot for your support and feedback,



Version 1.1 is coming

Hello Excelling users,

We have received lots of emails, and we really appreciate them!

Based on your feedback we are developing the first Excelling update, v 1.1

We’re unable to give you details just yet, but here’s a screenshot ;-)

Screen Shot 2013-04-09 at 19.57.47

Keep the feedback coming!

Kind regards,


Excelling available on an App Store near you!

Excelling is available on the App Store, go and download it here.

To send us feedback use the app built in system or contact us through the
contact form.